Dr. Barry Bowles, O.D., P.C.

Doctor of Optometry

Hello, I'm Dr. Bowles. I started Kearney Vision Care 27 years ago and it has been a distinct pleasure to serve this community and the surrounding area. Some have moved away but still come from great distance to use our services. I appreciate it and endeavor to be worthy of your trust. I am a graduate of Southern California School of Optometry.  I served in Plattsburg and Independence before settling full time in Kearney.  I am married to Lisa and have four sons.  Thank you for your continued faith in our office and your valued patronage.

Beth Johnson

Office Staff

Beth Johnson is well known to you.  Beth is a Kearney High School Grad and has been working at Kearney Vision Care for over 15 years.  All aspects of your eye care needs are understood by her and she is able to help you with any questions.  She has participated in the practice and product growth to where we barely recognize the way we used to do things.  If you are a new contact lens wearer, Beth will be the one who trains you.  Beth understands aspects of your patient care and product availability in a way that only time and experience can give.

Lisa A. Bowles

Insurance and Credentialing Specialist

Lisa is our insurance specialist and is wife to Dr. Bowles and mother to their 4 sons.  She has been doing the billing and insurance for the office since 1998 and, along with Beth and Pat, will assist you in every way possible to make sure you understand how your insurance works.  She knows how to file your insurance in a timely fashion and how to communicate with you if you have questions as to what your insurance does or does not cover.

Pat Frazee

Office Staff

Pat Frazee has been instrumental in advancing the service quality of our practice since 2008. The hundreds of new frames and thousands of contact lenses that come through the office each month usually are handled by Pat. Her understandings of your wants and needs are met with well-honed ability and desire to get things done for you.